​What is EMS training?

EMS is the elicitation of muscle contraction using electric impulses.

EMS training stimulates the most important muscle groups. By sending electrical impulses directly to motor nerves, all muscles are activated. The intensive level of training is supported from the very beginning, which affects the accelerated formation of muscle fibers. Higher activity requires more energy, which leads to loss of calories even when resting. EMS training plays a role in muscle building, weight loss, and general health improvement .

We have been using EMS technology for decades in medicine, and now we're using it in fitness to reach the best possible results.

This is the true 21st century training!

Only 20 minutes for maximum results

EMS full body training, combined with cardio sessions, will help fat burning. Cellulite will disappear and the skin will be toned.

EMS training does not have any additional pressure on the joints. It can also help recover from injury.

Simple, safe and professional training.

Learn more about EMS devices

The XBody EMS professional training device features modern design and unique features that XBody training makes extremely effective. The combination of advanced stimulation, comfort and safety technology means successful training and quick results. Discover why are XBody devices so special.


A new way of training

XBody's mission is to provide a profitable business concept.

Supported by advanced muscle stimulation technology and performance-based training, XBody quickly positioned itself at the top of the fitness world.

XBody - a professional training experience that goes one step ahead of traditional training.

Why are Xbody EMS devices so unique?

XBody EMS devices are designed as tools that support professional individual training. They are durable, high quality and easy to use. XBody devices are designed ergonomically to fit into any space.

With the help of a virtual trainer, individual programs can be created, saved and tuned for each person. Training can be held at home, in the studio or outdoors.

XBody has won several awards worldwide:
  ●FIBO Innovation Award: the best interior and design
  ●Sport and Russia Prize: the best innovative project and product
  ●Transdanubian Innovation Award winner

Why customers choose xbody training?

​Improving sports performance

The most important feature of XBody training is strengthening muscles and developing body strength. Created as core training is especially useful for professional athletes.

Beauty & Fitness

With XBody training, great results are achieved in losing weight and fat. Body contouring and cellulite loss are the reasons why ladies chose XBody.

Health & recovery

XBody training is very effective in eliminating back pain and joint pain. Muscular stimulation also strengthens the cardiovascular system and circulation. XBody is suitable for older people, young people and those who have never been trained before.

Worldwide successful business concept

From the beginning, XBody follows continuous annual growth. Today Xbody is a global player in the world of fitness and a proven business model with several hundred studios.

No matter where you are, you have the opportunity to start your XBody studio or become a personal XBody trainer.

You do not only get EMS devices, but also all the necessary support - marketing, course for coaches and more. It's up to you to just focus on the growth and improvement of your XBody studio.

Get in touch with us

Want to learn more about XBody EMS devices? Contact us, and we will answer your questions regarding a specific business model.

Maxifit is the official distributor of XBody devices and equipment. It provides EMS devices to studio owners, marketing materials and business tips to make studio successful and productive.

Local warranty and service for devices

Only EMS devices and equipment purchased from Maxifit have a warranty.

Maxifit provides 2 years of local warranty for all devices. The necessary repair of the device will be performed within 24 hours, with the replacement device provided, so that after the failure you can continue with the scheduled training.

XBody has awarded with ISO 13485: 2012, 93/42 EEC Compliance and EN ISO 9001: 2015 certificates. An internal quality management system has also been implemented to ensure that devices meet the highest quality requirements.

Complete business support

Maxifit goal is to support your business. We are not just selling equipment, we provide complete business support to help you succeed.

Want to learn how to attract clients to your studio in the best and most favorable way? Maxifit will give you the opportunity to educate in marketing, with the focus on attracting clients through social networks.

You can use the latest marketing materials such as photos, videos and other visuals that will help you to develop your business.

Education with the EMS Trainer Institute

Coaches and their work with clients are an important part of XBody's success. In cooperation with the EMS Trainer Institute, courses and certifications for EMS coaches at all levels are organized. Coaches are not only learning how to use EMS, but also motivating clients for maximum results.

XBody coaches must also know nutritionism, in order to give their clients the best possible advice. By combining training and proper nutrition, the best results are achieved. Through education you will find out how to prepare a nutrition plan, according to the goals of the clients.

Buy or rent XBody EMS device

You want to start a new business by purchasing or renting an EMS device for personal training? Contact us for a business offer.

Paul Hodis, the owner of the company

If you are interested in direct contact with the owner of Maxifit and the principal responsible for selling and renting XBody devices, please use one of the following contacts:

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Email: prodaja@maxifit.eu